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15 Things You Didn't Know About SWAROVSKI

15 Things You Didn't Know About SWAROVSKI | Fashion Fridays
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In this Alux.com video we'll try to answer the following questions:
What is Swarovski?
How big is Swarovski?
How expensive is Swarovski?
Are Swarovski products made out of real diamonds?
Which are the most expensive Swarovski items?
How popular is Swarovski?
Where can you find Swarovski?
Who owns Swarovski?
How are Swarovski products made ?
Where to get costum made Swarovski items?

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CARTIER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vw7s2dJgruk
Minette Ocaya : Is it pawnable?
Shawn Gallo : Love it just got the tennis necklace bracelet and solitare earings timeless!!! ?
kat morgan : love collecting the bird/animal figures they make.
Elicia Reynolds : Absolutely love them! They are a necessary accessory for every figure skating outfit!???????????✨
Flowery Power13 : 125 years now
Audra Blue : I do like the crystals. They're pretty and shiny. What more could you want in jewellery?
0 1 : No more just 7 and 8 are disgusting
Emily : If Swarovski provides products for fire arms, it is normal they're with the ARA and support gun ownership. It's only controversial because of the people who are anti gun. That's their problem. Not Swarovski's.
jack masters : what about swarovski optik's they make the best binoculars, you guys stuffed up on that one


In this video, I’m sharing a haul of swarovski crystals and info on them including sizes to get, must have colors, glue to use and where to get them!

HAUL FROM: https://canadanailsupplies.com
other places I've shopped and recommend
US: http://www.firemountaingems.com
UK: https://www.bluestreakcrystals.com

Schtik it Gel: http://bit.ly/2LlB8i9

Glitterbels Base http://bit.ly/2VZu1Rr
(This is my site I profit from sales)

Container for Glitter- https://amzn.to/2JThFaQ

For brand deals and sponserships email: sarahsnailsecrets@hotmail.com
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Swarovski crystals | nail haul | crystal nails
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THE LAND OF NAILS : Hi Sarah! do swarovski crystals detach from the flat back? The crystals I use now (not swarovski) sometimes in a week or so i’ll check my nails and just the silver backing is on my nail still (no crystal!) does this ever happen to you or your clients with swarovskis??
kadeja white : Literally have watched every last one of your videos so much educational things to learn thanks for all your help!!!
NvrMissBravo : What are the ones with the gold on the bottoms ? I thought there are only silver !
Nikkia Phillips : I just ordered Glitterbell base and 2 more packs of Crystals from BluestreakCrystals ???????????
Tiana Reese : I can't find any good crystals that doesn't peel in color
Ambers Acrylics : Hey I’m hoping you see this like ASAP I’m trying to put an order in on the glam and glitz website but for the life of me can’t figure out how to add items to the cart. PLEEEAAAASE HELP lol
Crazy World Of Christina : Love these crystals !!!! Very informative!
Rachel Valboa : Sarah darling. I’m watching your video and I can’t help but to get a stomach ache just thinking about the money you spent on these crystals. Well I have done GREAT News FOR YOU. Just go check your IG Alma il I sent you with the name of the store I shop at and get almost double if not triple of what bluestreak offers their customers. Oooh. It makes me rage with frustration how these stores take advantage of you guys out there bc they know you are familiar with their name and that they are the must popular Swarovski dealers that offer mixed packs that a majority of you girls go to for this reason. Well now you don’t have to buy from them bc TNBL BEAUTY SUPPLY has the same mixed packs for a fraction of what your paying. One if your packs cost over 20.00 WHERE at TBNL ZTHE SAME PACK US ONLY 8.75. They guarantee their products and that they crystals are all 100% genuine authentic Swarovski Crystals. I hope this was good info for you and that it helps you to save money and build your collections sooner.
Christine Pouliot : Love your videos. I have a question … we’re did you get your storage drawers behind you?
Justus Jarvis : New Here ? & I’m Actually Binge Watching All Of Your Videos To Try To Learn How To Nails ?




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