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DEADHEADS, a short and entertaining film about the fans of the Grateful Dead

This project was done with humor, truth, and sarcasm. At the University of California, Santa Cruz, UCSC, where I went to college, there were many fans of The Grateful Dead. They called themselves Deadheads. I had not heard of the band before attending the school. I listened to the music, and I didn't understand why people felt so passionately about the band. I was intrigued. So in 1986, I decided to try and understand these people and the music they loved, and to create a video of my quest. This documentary project is the result. Enjoy.

25th Anniversary of "Deadheads" Documentary

A Tye Dye Movie By Brain O'Donnell Starring Actual "Deadheads" "Not The Way The Press Portrays Us"

Covering 10 years, this 60 minute art documentary takes an inside look at the artisans, magicians, musicians, and lunatics that make up this cult of devotees, deadicated to a band that originated in 1965. Why these fans leave their schools, families and jobs to be part of these ritualistic tribal celebrations of dance, drugs and community, is a 20th century American cultural phenomenon captured here in this time capsuled video tape.

Rated | G | Grateful Audiences


#fortnitegame probably my last vid for awhile thx bye




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